2 Old Goats and the Kid 2022

It may very well be too early to start planning 2OGATK 2.0.  I mean, hell, I put together the first one in 5 weeks.  Why do I need an entire year to plan another one?

Eh, I probably don’t.  Let’s go with:  it’s fun to think about . . . !?

The feedback I heard from the floor and in emails after the event make me confident that there was certainly a good time to be had . . . and you didn’t have to look under a rock to find it.

The formula for the dance was simplicity itself:  show up and dance.  Don’t worry about what you’re wearing.  (Wear what you like!)  Don’t worry about being rusty after having been off the floor for a year.    (We’re all in the same boat!)   Just come hang out with some old friends, make some new ones, laugh, and dance your socks off.

I don’t really want to mess with that formula a whole bunch.

Here’s some things I need to do better / differently / not at all next year:


  • Water.  We ran out.  That was inexcusable on my part.  I’m sorry and I won’t let that happen again.


  • Live Video Feed.   I was very disappointed in the results.  The video never got very crisp or clear.  The sound was horrendous.  You could barely hear the music and the voice was extremely tinny.  Once on Saturday during the day and twice on Saturday evening, the feed just failed completely.  I didn’t have time during the dance to try and troubleshoot a technical issue.  Among those who watched, the average viewing time was less than 5 minutes.  As my mama’d say, “That’s too much sugar for a dime.”  (I’m not really sure why getting too much of something for a dime is a problem, but translating mama-speak means:  I’m not going to do the live feed next year.


  • National Conventions:  My weekend was 99% stress-free.  That remaining 1%:  caused 100% by the National Conventions’ . . . ahem,  “concerns.”  There’s an old rule about having guests:  The host should make a guest feel like a king.  The guest should remember he ain’t one.


The reason we held this one in Richmond was because Ohio was closed due to COVID-19.  With some really strange exceptions (weddings and funeral receptions if they’re held at a banquet hall) every other venue was restricted to 10 guests.  As far as I know, dancing was still being “outlawed” in Ohio.

Next year, though, in 2022, surely we’ll be out from under these stupid restrictions.  Does that mean I’ll move the dance from Richmond?




  • Their staff was very easy to work with.
  • Wood floor.
  • Relatively inexpensive venue to rent.
  • Plenty of parking.
  • Plenty of lodging and restaurants nearby.




  • We’re limited to 100 – 120 dancers (that is, if I want to keep everyone in one room.)  With a limited crowd, that means there is a ceiling on revenue.  There were a number of expenses which didn’t get covered by ticket sales.  I’m not complaining:  I was fully prepared and happy to absorb those expenses.  But next year there needs to be enough revenue to cover all of the expenses.  Only two ways to do that:  increase the number of attendees / increase ticket prices.


  • We didn’t have any temperature control.  In 2021 it was relatively warm and we could have used more A/C.  But April is a fickle month.  It could just as easily be snowing.  Would we not have any way of making the room warmer?


  • Selfish (kinda) con.  It’s 120 miles from my house.  Yes, I know, people came from much further away . . . but they didn’t have to bring various equipment or set the place up.  If a venue is closer to my home, should I forget to bring a critical piece of equipment, I can go home and get it.  I can’t always do that when I’m on the road.


There’s a bunch to think about it, but we’ve got a year to do it.


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  1. Sorry about the problems, The Conventions people should be told up front that there will be minimum support while they are here. Move it and we will still be there! As far as the video feed, give yourself more dancing time.

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