I Hate Facebook

I hate Facebook.

I will grudgingly admit that it’s . . . the way to market to the Square Dance Community.  But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  I’d much rather Square Dancers quit using the platform all together and simply go to the “source” of whatever event they’re interested in.  Let the “source” provide all the information — in one location.  That way visitors and interested parties only have to know how to get to the “source.”  And folks don’t to have to wonder if what’s being posted on Facebook is accurate and timely.

In addition to being a fair-to-probably-not-nearly-as-good-as-I-think square dancer, a fair-to-probably-not-nearly-as-good-as-I-think bicyclist, a fair-to-probably-not-nearly-as-good-as-I-think photographer, I’m also a fair-to-probably-not-nearly-as-good-as-I-think web designer.  Websites should be that “source” I was talking about.  Sure, use Facebook as a marketing tool, but direct people back to your website.   The website should be the source and final authority of all information pertaining to an event.

I just didn’t have time to build a website for the first Old Goats Dance.  But now I’ve got one.  I’ll start moving away from Facebook.  I’ll use FB more as a way to point people here.  If you’re here you can be sure the information is as current and rock-solid as I can make it.

2 thoughts on “I Hate Facebook

  1. We need Facebook to learn what the “source” is. It’s hard to go to a website if you don’t know the event exists.

    1. Note I didn’t say there wasn’t a place for Facebook. What FB should be used for is to tell people where to go look for information. Facebook shouldn’t be the place for the information. Use FB to steer people to the “source.”

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